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what gets us fired up at EACOM – Phil Marier

Once a month, we chat with one of our colleagues to showcase the talent we have here at EACOM.

Chat with Philip Marier, Project Manager at EACOM since 2018.


Why did you choose EACOM? 

Back when I was studying mechanical engineering in university, I had no idea what I wanted to do in life. What I immediately appreciated when I arrived at EACOM was the team spirit and the cordiality of everyone around me. I see people all day and I love it! The EACOM values  resonated with me right away,  particularly collaboration, respect, and integrity. Moreover, I get to work on completely different projects and my job changes every day; I never get bored!

What do you like about the industry?

It’s never the same! The dynamics change depending on the market and the cost of wood, so there are always new challenges to overcome. As a project manager, I like to see how departments work and respond to different issues. From the outside, people unfamiliar with the industry often mistakenly believe that cutting trees is bad for the environment when it’s quite the opposite!

On another note, working in the industry has led to big changes in my personal life. I went from the big city of Ottawa, to a haven of peace, surrounded by nature, in Val-d’Or.  A house on the lake, no alarm system, no sirens keeping me up at night, just the stars…

Your favourite anecdote?

I have so many good memories with EACOM! I have one particular time in mind  – while attending a leadership seminar as a group, we stayed awake for 24 hours to complete a final report together. It was an unforgettable team night!

Your favourite expression?

I love this one: EACOM gave us a gym bag that says “Get (lumber) jacked” instead of “get jacked”! It’s always a hit at the gym.

Why wood?

Before working in the industry, I didn’t know anything about it! I learned how to cut trees, what happens to those little wood chips – they are used for boxes, medicine, and even toilet paper! Wood products are crucial in our everyday lives.

Coming to EACOM changed my perspective. Being part of a leadership group has also helped me better understand how the business works. Wood fiber is an essential part of everyday life as evidenced by the fact that we continued our activities during the pandemic.

A word to the next generation

While we keep changing our phones to get the best product, wood stays the same. It remains a key element in the development of the world we know today. From building our homes, to manufacturing clothing, tools, packaging, art, and paper, you can’t imagine how vast the industry is and how it continues to innovate. 

I started to realize how truly vast this industry is as I started my journey with EACOM. Wood is part of our daily life and its importance keeps growing and we are constantly adapting to the needs of future generations

As for EACOM, it’s a big family. Everyone looks out for each other, that’s hard to find. 😉