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Thriving Communities

Vibrant and prosperous communities are an essential part of sustainable forest management

At EACOM, we believe that contributing to a strong community is an important part of living up to our values of respect, integrity, learning, and collaboration. As our company grows, so does our commitment to encouraging the activities of our employees, to supporting local initiatives, and to engaging with youth in our communities.

We have developed a Sponsorship & Donation Program and a Scholarship Program to give back to our partners and invest in the communities in which we live and operate. 

It is also possible for students and community groups to discover our operations. If you would like to organize a sawmill tour, set up a conference at your school or organization or for any other request, please contact communications@EACOM.ca

Sponsorship & Donation Program

EACOM supports charities, non-profits organizations and volunteering activities to build strong communities, especially those in which we operate. When these communities thrive, then our stakeholders, including our employees, benefit in the long-term.

It is through productive partnerships and a desire to make a difference that we are working to give back to our partners and invest in the communities in which we live and operate. EACOM contributes to community advancement through:

  • Financial support (donations and sponsorships)
  • In-kind giving, such as wood products or volunteer time

Consult our sponsorship and donation policy:

Sponsorship and Donation Policy

Apply for a sponsorship or donation:

Sponsorship or Donation Application Form

EACOM Employee’s Family Member Scholarship Program

Fostering a culture that values education and learning is more than just a commitment at EACOM: we made it part of our most fundamental values. We believe it is important to encourage youth to pursue their dreams and to set goals for the career they see themselves evolving in.

This program provides a one-time per child financial support ($1,000) to EACOM staff members’ and hourly employees’ children pursuing a post-secondary education. Scholarships will be provided to individuals that exemplify the qualities of strong academic standing and commitment to their field of study.

Consult our employee family member scholarship policy:

Scholarship Policy

Apply for a scholarship:

Scholarship Application Form