Sustainable Forests

Our Canadian forests are a great public treasure

Responsible Forest Manager

At EACOM, we adhere to the best sustainable forest management practices, respecting federal and provincial laws, and ensuring third-party certification of the forests it manages. Our responsible forest management is recognized through international certification and labelling systems, specifically the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®).

As a lumber manufacturer, access to abundant, affordable and secure sources of fibre is of critical importance. We share our forest resources with many other forest users, and we strive to work cooperatively with those who have a stake in the forest and to conserve forest resources for future generations.

EACOM is an active participant in planning groups & round tables with trappers, outfitters, environmental groups and government representatives for the purpose of constructively working toward upholding the best forest management practices.

Our dedicated team of foresters and certification professionals ensure that forest resources are managed responsibly and that our forest practices maintain a balance of forest values, including water and soil quality, fish and wildlife habitat and biodiversity, as well as traditional and recreational use of forest territory. For example, species at risk are taken into consideration in our planning activities.

The fibre we consume originates from a variety of public and private forest territories. We strive to only acquire fibre from sustainably managed forests, and we take great care to consider the needs of other forest users.

Forest Policy

At EACOM Timber Corporation, we strive for leadership in forest management by adhering to sustainable forest principles on all lands licensed to us and by preferring suppliers with like principles.

We are committed to:

  • Making forest sustainability an integral part of our business strategy and using scientific, state-of-the-art forest management practices;
  • Renewing the forest by promptly regenerating woodlands in accordance with recognized standards and taking corrective action when necessary to prevent its degradation;
  • Maintaining the state and productivity of the ecosystem by using procedures and materials designed to protect soil, water, air, wildlife and landscape values;
  • Conserving the biodiversity of the ecosystem by maintaining genetic, species and ecosystem diversity for a healthy forest environment;
  • Protecting the forest from insects, disease and fire by conducting our operations to minimize adverse impacts on woodlands and cooperating with protection associations and government agencies;
  • Where pesticide usage is permitted, reducing our use by adopting reasonable alternatives;
  • Training and involving our employees and contractors to ensure that they are knowledgeable, skilled and experienced in forest management and are aware of the significant environmental impact of their activities;
  • Listening to our communities by maintaining an open dialogue with the public and encouraging their input;
  • Working with Indigenous peoples by making it a priority to develop and maintain positive relationships in forest management and wood-fibre processing where we share common public lands;
  • Managing the visual impacts of woodlands operations, and protecting recreational, cultural and spiritual values of the forest;
  • Supporting forestry research and science to further advance sustainable forest management practices;
  • Sharing our knowledge with others by communicating with our shareholders, customers, employees and other interested parties to ensure they understand our commitment to our forest policy;
  • Maintaining certification of all operations to recognized third-party sustainable forest management standards where feasible;
  • Developing forest managers and leaders that share and challenge our vision of responsible, sustainable forest management into the next generation.

Fibre Use and Sourcing Policy

At EACOM Timber Corporation, we position ourselves to be the preferred supplier of environmentally sound forest products to our customers. We work hard every day to be responsible environmental stewards and limit our impact in the forest.

Fibre sourced from our forest activities

We adhere to the best sustainable forest management practices, respect federal and provincial laws, and ensure recognized third-party certification of our forest activities. Through our approach to forest protection, use and renewal, we ensure that forest characteristics and values will be conserved for future generations. We continually engage with forest stakeholders and adapt our practices to be sensitive to local, social and environmental dynamics.

Looking after our public forests


Forest Name Total Area (in hectares) Type
Northshore 1,132,900 SFL 542521 (Cooperative)
Pineland 374,930 SFL 550816 (EACOM)
Sudbury 640,880 SFL 542442 (Cooperative)
Spanish 1,094,530 SFL 542391 (EACOM)
Timiskaming 1,184,200 SFL 542247 (Cooperative)
Abitibi River 3,285,435 SFL 551832 (Cooperative)



Forest Name Total Area (in hectares) Type
Matagami 679,900 FMU: 86-63 and 86-64
Val-d’Or 1,361,440 FMU: 83-51

1 hectare = 2.47 acres