EACOM Joins Interfor

Aboriginal Engagement

We work hard to develop relationships with First Nation communities by focusing on capacity development, business agreements, cultural engagement as well as training and employment opportunities.

EACOM is committed to the Progressive Aboriginal Relations certification, a third-party corporate social responsibility program by the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business.


At EACOM Timber Corporation, we are committed to recognizing and respecting the rights and traditional knowledge of Aboriginal peoples, particularly those peoples within whose traditional territories we operate.

We understand the importance of forests to the social, economic, environmental and cultural wellbeing of Aboriginal peoples.

We are engaged in building positive relationships and sharing of economic opportunities through the active involvement of Aboriginal peoples in all aspects of our business.

We are committed to:

  • Recognizing and respecting the Aboriginal and Treaty rights of Aboriginal peoples;
  • Developing and sustaining positive relations with Aboriginal communities;
  • Engaging in active dialogue and responding promptly to Aboriginal peoples’ inquiries and concerns;
  • Respecting traditional forest-related knowledge;
  • Protecting known spiritually, historically or culturally important sites;
  • Addressing the use of non-timber forest products of value to Aboriginal peoples;
  • Pursuing business relationships with Aboriginal-owned businesses;
  • Promoting the hiring of Aboriginal peoples across all operations;
  • Supporting education and training of Aboriginal peoples;
  • Encouraging cultural awareness training across the Company;
  • Supporting employee participation in Aboriginal cultural events.


Fostering a culture that values education and learning is more than just a commitment at EACOM: we made it part of our most fundamental values. We believe it is important to encourage youth to pursue their dreams and to set goals for the career they see themselves evolving in.

By partnering Indspire, an Indigenous registered charity, we hope to boost the education of students from Ontario or Quebec that show commitment to their field of study.