Remanufactured Products

EACOM manufactures specialty and value-added products for use in mattress-making and furring strips. The products are available in a variety of grades from “appearance” (or “premium”) to economy.

Product Size Lengths Finished Condition
Bedframe 1X1 1/2, 1X2, 1X3, 1X4 2’ to 8’ S4S-PET* S4S-DET** KD-HT**
Furring Strips 1X2, 1X3, 1X4, 2X2 8’ S4S-DET** KD-HT**

*S4S-PET: Surfaced 4 sides – Precision end trim 
**S4S-DET: Surfaced 4 sides – Double end trim
***KD-HT: Kiln dried – Heat treated