Our Story

Working. Building. Transforming. Growing.

EACOM may be a young company, but our roots go deep. Our mills have been part of their communities for decades, contributing to Ontario and Quebec northern regions’ economic, social and environmental development.

Today, we strive to elevate our Company by cultivating the dedication and immense talent of our employees, partners and communities. Through collaboration and hard work, we provide quality wood products to North American home builders and renovators.

Our Canadian forests are a great public treasure. By responsibly looking after their management, we are protecting biodiversity, providing access to an endless playground and leveraging wood’s natural carbon sink qualities.

We are committed to driving performance improvements and delivering excellent products from certified sustainable resources. We continue to invest in our mills through the addition of state-of-the-art equipment and enhancements to safety and efficiency. These investments help us manage the cyclical nature of our industry and unlock the full potential of our people and operations.

I am proud of what we have accomplished in our short history and excited for what is to come, for the future holds tremendous opportunities to work, build, transform and grow together.

Kevin Edgson
President and CEO

Our Values

At EACOM, leadership is key to achieving our vision.

In our relentless pursuit of excellence, we demonstrate leadership by promoting and adhering to our core values, challenging the status quo, and holding ourselves accountable for delivering results.

  • RESPECT – We value our employees, customers, shareholders, partners and communities by being forthright and honest.

  • INTEGRITY – We keep our commitments, speaking clearly about our intentions, and are accountable for our actions and results.

  • LEARNING– We embrace curiosity, new ideas and a passion for learning to continuously improve our ability, capacity and performance.

  • COLLABORATION – We succeed by working together in pursuit of our goals with undefeatable determination to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities.

It takes years of forestry planning for a difference that lasts a lifetime.

We are harvesting today trees that are younger than our mills, demonstrating our sustainable practices and commitment to our communities.

Timmins starts its operations

Nairn Centre starts its operations

Elk Lake & Matagami start their operations

Val-d’Or starts its operations

Gogama starts its operations

Sullivan starts its operations

Ear Falls starts its operations

Sault Ste. Marie starts its operations, a 50/50 joint venture between Anthony Forest Products and Domtar

EACOM is founded

EACOM acquires Domtar Forest Products Division

Ear Falls restarts its operation after a 5-year shutdown

EACOM fully acquires the Sault Ste. Marie I-joist plant

Timmins celebrates 100 years of operation