Working towards a bright future

2019-09-11 | Publications / Resources

Between tuition costs, books, supplies, food and travel expenses, going to college can get expensive. Even more so if school is far from home. But the rewards can be reaped over a lifetime, from an expanded mind and way of thinking, to new experiences, broadened horizons, and career opportunities.

Fostering a culture that values education and learning is more than just a commitment at EACOM: we made it part of our most fundamental values. We believe it is important to encourage youth to pursue their dreams and to set goals for the career they see themselves evolving in.

Under its scholarship program, EACOM awarded 15 bursaries to deserving applicants last year. The money has been put to good use, helping to pave the way for a bright future. Every little bit helps!

“Going into my first year of university downtown Toronto was quite intimidating. The cost not only of tuition and books but living in Toronto adds up very quick! I was extremely fortunate to have received a scholarship from EACOM. This money covered the cost of my reading materials for the entire year and also helped to pay some of my tuition. EACOM’s scholarship assisted in eliminating some of the stress that comes with attending university, and I am very thankful for the company’s willingness to support me in my educational goals. Thank you!” – Britney Lamothe, Business Management, Ryerson University


“The EACOM bursary allowed me to purchase medical equipment for my bachelor’s in nursing studies such as a stethoscope and sphygmomanometer. I use them during my internships, and they will also serve me in my future career.” – Julia Sigouin, Nursing, Université Laval
“My school year went really well, and I already miss it. My EACOM Scholarship was used for various expenses – books, gas, rent. It really helped me as a struggling student to worry less about finances and to focus more on school. Thank you again!” – Melanie Sullivan, Environmental Technology, Dalhousie University

As the October 4th deadline to submit approaches for the 2019-2020 academic year, we hope to see many more meritorious applications from staff and employees whose family members are pursuing a post-secondary education. Find out more about eligibility criteria on our website.