Popular for remodeling and do-it-yourself projects, this framing lumber is graded to meet strict appearance standards according to National Lumber Grades Authority rules.


Species Size Lengths Finished Condition Grades
SPF* 2x3 96 S4S-PET** KD-HT*** Premium
SPF* 2X4 84'' to 120'' S4S-PET** KD-HT*** Premium, Select
SPF* 2X6 92 5/8'' to 120'' S4S-PET** KD-HT*** Premium, Select
SPF* 4X4 96'' to 120'' S4S-PET** Green Premium
SPF* 2X4 6' to 16' S4S-DET** KD-HT*** Premium, Select
SPF* 2X6 6' to 16' S4S-DET** KD-HT*** Premium, Select
SPF* 2x8 8' to 16' S4S-DET** KD-HT*** Premium
SPF* 2x10 8' to 16' S4S-DET** KD-HT*** Premium

*SPF: (Spruce/Pine/Fir) - Balsam Fir - Jack Pine - Black Spruce
**S4S-DET: Surfaced 4 sides - Double end trim, S4S-PET: Surfaced 4 sides - Precision end trim
***KD-HT: Kiln dried - Heat treated

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We favour FSC certification primarily because of the inclusive nature of its mandate.

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