Trading gold for timber

2019-10-22 | Publications / Resources

Originally from Flin Flon, Manitoba, a small town on the Saskatchewan border, Cody Goddard is a Northerner through and through. Self-reliant and resourceful, he enjoys a good challenge.

“EACOM Ear Falls was the perfect fit for me. I am the Lead Hand in production at the sawmill and I get to run every piece of equipment, I keep the flow going on top of doing some training and safety. There is no typical day, we’re always dealing with something new, finding solutions, and fixing things.”

Cody moved to Ear Falls to work at the gold mine in nearby Red Lake. The commute and better shift times attracted him to EACOM initially, but he was really captivated by the culture. From efforts made by senior management to truly connect with employees to the mill’s recreational activities committee that tirelessly organizes team building activities, Cody felt at home.

“There are 150 of us working at the Ear Falls mill which is great for getting to know everyone and building relationships. We’re always getting together outside of work. On his first visit after I started, the Regional Manager already knew my name,” Cody remembers. “It really feels like we’re part of a larger team.”

Starting as a production technician, Cody was promoted to Lead Hand in only five months. “I felt very well-supported in my role, management was and continues to be extremely helpful in helping me develop and grow. There really is no limit here.”

Nearly a third of the mill’s workforce is comprised of women, double the industry average for this traditionally male-dominated field, including Cody’s fiancée, Kathleen Blouin, a scaler. A major employer in the area, EACOM is proud to help counter stereotypes that sawmills are men’s work. Since EACOM purchased and restarted the Ear Falls mill in 2014, more women have been taking advantage of the competitive salaries, convenient shifts, and great benefits offered in the forest products industry.

A small town in Northwestern Ontario, Ear Falls offers its residents lots of outdoor leisurely activities, from fishing derbies to music festivals, multiple public beaches, and movie screenings at the school gym. The tight knit community organizes lots of sporting activities for children throughout the year and weekend activities in the summer, ideal for children like Cody’s 7-year old daughter.

“Ear Falls is a phenomenal place to raise a young family. It’s safe, clean, and there are so many things to do in the great outdoors.”