Safety Speaker Series

2019-03-29 | Publications / Resources

At EACOM, safety comes first. And second. And third.


Our target is zero incidents across the board and working to prevent injuries at our facilities is our number one priority. The Face of Workplace Safety conference tour aims to bring the community face-to-face with the impact of industrial injuries and raise awareness of the importance of working to prevent future tragedies.

A powerful way of bringing home the message on health and safety and really changing attitudes is to witness personal testimony of someone who has been affected by a workplace illness or injury.

“Hearing these personal testimonies motivates me to help eliminate workplace hazards as we work towards our zero incident goal.” – John Bell, Regional Health and Safety Coordinator, EACOM Timber Corporation. “Threads of Life has been a part of my life for the past five years and I feel compelled to sharing that important message; we all need to come home safe at the end the day.”

Help put a face to your Health and Safety program and join us for a moving and unforgettable presentation.

Joanne Wade’s life was permanently and profoundly altered by a workplace tragedy. In this moving presentation, Joanne will describe what happened and the impact the tragedy has had on her family. She delivers an inspiring reminder of why workplace safety is so important. Joanne is a member of the Threads of Life volunteer speakers bureau.






Registration is free, bring a friend or colleague!
Date Time Location Address Register
April 16th 11 a.m. EACOM Nairn Centre sawmill 100 Old Nairn road, Nairn Centre, ON P0M 2L0 
April 18th 3 p.m. Timmins High and Vocational School 451 Theriault Boulevard, Timmins, ON P4N 8B2