In an effort to reduce waste and maximize the amount of wood used from every tree harvested, EACOM has developed markets for its wood residues.


close up of pile of shredded barkBark

All logs processed at EACOM’s mills must first be “debarked” to ensure that the lumber and resulting chips produced are of the clean and of the highest quality. EACOM sells its bark so that it may be used in the mulch market for landscaping and in the production of green co-generation energy.



close up of wood chipsChips

By-products from the sawmilling process, including off-cuts, are chipped and sold as a resource to pulp and paper companies for the manufacture of products such as fine paper, tissue, and cardboard and paperboard. EACOM separates its species so we can provide Spruce, Pine, Balsam and mixed chips.



close up of wood shavingsShavings

EACOM sells the shavings produced as part of the planing process is sold to horse bedding market as well as for use in the production of panels.




close up of sawdustSawdust

The sawdust resulting from EACOM’s sawmilling and planing processes is sold to a number of engineered wood products companies for use in products such as particle board and medium density fibreboard (MDF).


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