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Wood is the only major building and design material that grows naturally and is renewable and ensuring that it is sourced responsibly ensures its sustainability. At EACOM we are focused on continual improvement and adhere to the best sustainable forest management practices; we respect federal and provincial laws, and ensure third-party certification of the forests we manage.

skids of EACOM product wrapped in branded packagingBecause we share these resources with many other stakeholders, some of which may hold different forest values, it is important for us to work cooperatively with those who have a stake in the forest and to conserve the forest for future generations by contributing to the development of ecologically meaningful protected areas and by adopting responsible forest management practices.

EACOM manufactures dimensional lumber and studs used in wood-frame construction, including residential, commercial and public buildings. We manufacture it in a variety of sizes for use in wall framing, flooring systems, roof trusses, exterior applications and as part of engineered wood systems including the P3 Joists® — engineered I-joists .

EACOM also manufactures specialty and industrial products including bed frames. And in an effort to reduce our waste and maximize the use of every tree we harvest, we produce co-products including bark, wood chips and sawdust, that are used in applications such as energy, pulp and paper, and engineered wood products.

Lastly, EACOM has an exclusive agreement on the sale and distribution of all planed products from Scierie Lemay, located in Sainte-Marie-de-Beauce, which include all dimensions and all grades in lengths of 9 feet and shorter. EACOM also has an exclusive agreement with the Kirkland Lake Forest Products company and ensures the sale and distribution of all their jointed products in dimensions of 2×3 to 2×6, lengths of 10 feet and shorter.


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