Managing our forests to ensure Quebec’s future

2018-08-24 | News / Press Releases

EACOM promotes a green and sustainable economy during the 2018 election

Montreal, August 24, 2018 – Given the upcoming provincial election period, EACOM Timber Corporation is engaging in the conversation about Quebec’s future to bring attention to issues that are important for the province’s regions and the forest products sector.

EACOM is eager to work with the Quebec Government to ensure a prosperous and green future. To do so, the company wants to start a dialogue with the candidates on the role the government can play to address regional demographic challenges and support sustainable economic growth.

“Our Quebec forest is a source of collective wealth that we must protect and develop. The forest sector is a key player in the responsible management of this territory and an economic engine for Quebec’s regions,” said Kevin Edgson, EACOM President and CEO. “Year after year, we invest in our facilities, in regional infrastructure, and in our communities. Through its leadership and policies, the next government can ensure that we and our sector will make an even more dynamic contribution to Quebec’s development.”

The practices of responsibly managing public forests and transforming this renewable resource into forest products help capture carbon while supporting Quebec’s economic and social development. EACOM’s operations in Val-d’Or and Matagami and at its Montreal headquarters provide good, stable jobs to hundreds of Quebeckers and generate $225 million in economic spinoffs every year.

“In 2018, we are celebrating 45 years in Val-d’Or and 50 years in Matagami. We are proud of our operations in Abitibi-Témiscamingue and Northern Quebec,” concluded Edgson.

In the weeks leading to the October 1 election, EACOM will be raising awareness about the priorities that will keep our industry competitive:
▫ Recognition of the industry’s positive contributions to the province.
▫ Attraction and development of a skilled workforce in the regions.
▫ Development of an integrated strategy to ensure the competitiveness of the forest sector.
▫ Commitment to regional infrastructure.
▫ Implementation of a balanced and evidence-based policy framework.

Join the conversation on social media about the forestry sector’s contribution to Quebec’s future using #OurForest.

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EACOM Timber Corporation is a major Eastern Canadian wood products company. Operations include the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of lumber and wood-based value-added products, and the management of forest resources. EACOM owns seven sawmills (five in Ontario, two in Quebec), a remanufacturing facility (Quebec), and an engineered I-joist plant (Ontario) with over 1,100 employees. The Company is committed to investing in strong assets, including healthy forests, advanced technology, and talented people.
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