Limitless potential

2019-03-07 | Publications / Resources

Born and raised in Matagami, Anik Richard always dreamt of finding a job that would allow her to remain close to her roots. Passionate about travel, she completed a degree in tourism and then a DEP in mineral ore extraction. However, it was at the EACOM Matagami sawmill that she found her true calling.

A schedule adapted to her daily reality and the opportunity to have more time with her young family led her to apply for a first production position at EACOM, three years ago. Reliable and hardworking, she joined the administrative team as a purchaser shortly after.

“At EACOM, I found my place. I was the only woman in production when I started, and the guys were really very welcoming. When the buyer position became available, management supported me to move up to it,” says Anik. “I no longer had to juggle daycare and babysitters. The mill manager agreed to adjust my schedule to match that of my kids’ school without any problem. It was perfect for a single mother with two young children.”

Anik believes that the town of Matagami is the ideal place to raise children. There is no traffic to speak of, young children can play outside with their many neighbors, the community is “tight-knit”, and health care is accessible and fast. While some may think of it is a “little town”, Anik does not does not feel deprived of professional opportunities.

“EACOM gives me a lot of freedom, I feel that my opinion is important and that it is taken into account. I have the support to go further, to develop professionally, to acquire new skills, to grow within the team. “

With several positions open in Matagami and its other sites in Abitibi and Northern Ontario, the EACOM team warmly welcomes new workers who want to reach their full potential while having an enviable quality of life.

At EACOM, your limit’s the limit.