Growing Outside the Box

2019-02-11 | Publications / Resources

Small towns, big potential

Looking for a great career path with endless opportunity for growth? How about accessible home ownership that will leave you enough disposable income for other pursuits? Clean air, water, and plenty of space? The answer does not involve a $1,800/month studio apartment rental in one of Canada’s major cities.

As more and more people are discovering, Canada’s smaller towns offer a greater quality of life, access to home ownership, freedom from rush hour traffic, and, due to demographic shifts in the workforce, limitless career possibilities.

Stephanie Parzei, a Toronto native, made the move to Sudbury for a role as a Forest Environmental Management Coordinator at EACOM Timber Corporation. With a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master in Forest Conservation, Stephanie appreciates the opportunity to work, learn and expand her role within the growing company.

“I started at EACOM two and half years ago looking after forest certification and environment for our woodlands operations. My role now also includes coordination of the environment program for our nine transformation facilities. Adhering to legislation of several ministries, I help to make sure that our activities are respectful of air, noise, dust, water, fuel management, waste disposal, and other environmental regulations.”

Stephanie was recently selected to participate in the first cohort of EACOM’s brand new Growing Leadership Program, designed to provide employees with key skills and a global vision of the business. Successive cohorts will learn more about leadership, sales, finance, human resources, forestry, sawmill operations, continuous improvement principles, and communications.

“Not only am I getting a well-rounded perspective and learning more about different departments and their contribution to our business objectives, but I can meet colleagues I don’t normally see and make deeper connections than I would via conference call. It’s a great initiative and it shows us that EACOM is serious about investing in us and our potential.”

By focusing on strong assets, including healthy forests, advanced technology and talented people, EACOM is fast transforming and gaining recognition for its unique approach in the industry. With a number of positions available in roles as diverse as production, maintenance, and forestry, there is limitless opportunity for those looking to learn and take on real-world challenges.