EACOM welcomes Quebec’s new CAQ government

2018-10-02 | News / Press Releases

Productive forests to support Quebec’s growth

Montreal, October 2, 2018 – EACOM Timber Corporation congratulates and welcomes Quebec’s new majority CAQ government during a time of opportunities for the forest products sector and its communities.

“A strong forestry sector not only supports Quebec’s economy but is also vital for its environment and people. EACOM is eager to collaborate with Premier Legault’s administration and all Members of the National Assembly to enhance this source of collective wealth,” said Kevin Edgson, EACOM President and CEO.

During the campaign, EACOM initiated a discussion with its communities in Abitibi-Témiscamingue and Northern Quebec about the forest industry’s positive contributions to the province. Over 600 people came to celebrate the Val-d’Or sawmill’s 45th anniversary and learn more about the major contributions of the company, its employees, business partners and local stakeholders to the region’s economic and social development.

“Our forest has a rich history and provides vast natural spaces and incredible opportunities,” said Michel Sigouin, General Manager, Quebec Forestry. “We are impatient to work with the government to implement the commitments made by François Legault during the campaign to improve the forest industry’s competitiveness and promote the environmental benefits of the sustainable development of this renewable resource.”

Working forests help deliver on fundamental government priorities, such as sustaining good-paying jobs, supporting healthy communities, and promoting investment in innovation. A true economic driver for the region, the sustainable management of forests and wood products manufacturing can help improve the entire province’s environmental performance.

“We would like to congratulate MNAs Pierre Dufour and Denis Lamothe, who were elected to represent the communities of Abitibi-Est and Ungava, where EACOM has its three manufacturing facilities in Quebec, as well as Jennifer Maccarone of Westmount-Saint-Louis, where our headquarters is located,” said Mr. Edgson.

About EACOM Timber Corporation

EACOM Timber Corporation est une grande entreprise de produits de bois de l’est du Canada. Ses activités englobent la fabrication, la commercialisation et la distribution de bois d’œuvre et de produits de bois à valeur ajoutée, ainsi que l’aménagement des ressources forestières. EACOM possède sept scieries (cinq en Ontario, deux au Québec), une entreprise de fabrication de poutrelles en « I » de bois d’ingénierie (au Québec) et une usine de seconde transformation (au Québec), pour un total de 1 100 employés. EACOM est déterminée à investir dans la gestion durable des forêts, dans l’amélioration du savoir de ses employés et dans les avancées technologiques. Pour plus d’information, visitez notre site Web à www.EACOM.ca et suivez-nous sur Twitter @EACOMcorp.

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