EACOM Promotes Jobs and Sustainable Development during the 2018 Ontario Election

2018-05-14 | Publications / Resources

EACOM is eager to work with the Ontario Government to ensure a prosperous and sustainable future. Doing so requires a dialogue with those seeking election about the role government can play in supporting this sustainable economic growth. We need a partner in the provincial government to ensure our Northern communities remain vibrant and strong.

On May 28th, EACOM invited representatives from Aboriginal business, mining, prospectors, forestry, local government, and the broader business community for a roundtable discussion in Timmins and called for the creation of a provincial natural resource strategy. Find out more: http://www.eacom.ca/business-leaders-call-for-an-ontario-natural-resources-strategy/

In the weeks leading to June 7th, we will be raising awareness to the priorities for a competitive sector:

▫ Recognition of the industry’s positive contributions to the province.
▫ Development of a resources sector and manufacturing strategy.
▫ Implementation of evidence-based balanced policy.
▫ A commitment towards Northern Ontario infrastructure.
▫ Workforce capacity development.

Join us on social media for a conversation about Ontario’s future using #ONresources.


Find out how we are doing our part:


Investing in jobs and the economy

An investment in Northern Ontario is an investment in its people. Since 2012, we’ve invested over $60M in our operations.

We restarted a sawmill, rebuilt another, and acquired an engineered wood mill, securing and creating good jobs, building roads, and ensuring our forests are sustainable for generations to come.




Supporting our communities

Forestry is the economic backbone of Northern Ontario, and our people are ours. Ontario’s forest sector is an important source of employment for many communities.

At EACOM, we directly employ 770 hard-working Ontarians and thousands more in operations and transportation. We’re committed to driving performance improvements at all our sites and growing the sector.




Practicing sustainable forestry

To regenerate Ontario’s forests, we planted 16,929,286 trees in 2017 and employ 14 registered professional foresters.

We’re doing our part to support a sustainable future for Northern Ontario.