Commitment to Sustainability

Wood grows naturally and is renewable. Our commitment to sustainability helps to ensure that forests are legally harvested and managed to meet society’s long-term demand for forest products.

EACOM is committed to meeting the highest standards for forest, environmental and quality management.

We believe the best way to assure that our operations are managed in a responsible and transparent manner is through certification by independent third-party organizations.

Wood is the ultimate natural, renewable and strong building material, and the global demand will only grow. But wood products only have value if we can produce them in ways that generate economic growth, create social benefits and minimize the impact on the environment. It’s a fine balance that we achieve through commitment to collaboration and continuous improvement.

We conduct our activities in a manner that conserves resources. We strive to continually reduce the environmental footprint of our operations by consuming less, emitting less and generating less waste per unit of product output. We identify, evaluate and control potential environmental risks and ensure that all of our facilities have effective contingency plans.

EACOM Environmental Policy

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EACOM Reports

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